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Drew Brees calls Taysom Hill’s performance “magnificent”

Taysom Hill has gotten many pats on the back and congratulatory messages since leading the Saints to a 24-9 victory over the Falcons in his first start at quarterback. Perhaps,

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Could sniffing Jennifer Aniston or Harry Styles be the answer to your insomnia?

Name: Pillow mists. Age: Lost in the mists of time. Medieval insomniacs may have used a sprig of lavender to help them sleep, while herbs and oils have been fashionable

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Starbucks to hike U.S. employee pay at least 10%: memo

Starbucks Corp SBUX.O will hike pay for baristas, shift supervisors and cafe attendants at its U.S. outlets by at least 10% effective Dec. 14. The world’s largest coffee chain will

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Gabe Newell’s gnome is blasting into space for charity early Friday morning in the UK

Earlier this month Valve’s Gabe Newell announced he – alongside Weta Workshop and Rocket Lab – would be launching a garden gnome into space for charity, with $1 being donated

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Troops risk early dementia and psychiatric problems if they suffer heat stroke

Troops who suffer heat stroke are at risk from early dementia and psychiatric problems, Army medics have found. Those marching with heavy packs at high temperatures and soldiers on SAS

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